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Apr 03, 2008 01:52 AM

Welcome to Xtraspace :) You can use this site to upload images for personal use or for use on other websites (like ebay).

We only support the uploading of images, so no other filetypes are allowed or supported.

Currently, all accounts have the following properties:

Accountsize: 1000MB (1GB)
Bandwidth   : 30GB

If you wish to use this as a photo gallery, then Xtraspace Gallery may be of better use.

Updated 20-04-2009: Direct linking to mages is now enabled for guests as well. Registered members are now allowed 1000MB of space!

Lastly a simple single groundrule: No pornography allowed here. If we find child pornography, we will alert the appropriate authorities. So just.. don't.

User comments

  • RLNAsh (03:37AM May 27,2015)
    I factually have never had such a rewarding friendly  experience such as the one with XtraSpace Storage.
    If you feel bad about having to rent a storage in the 1st
    place, due to some unfortunate circumstances; you will feel
    Much better when you rent , meet the managers, and feel a need to make friends with those who provide the excellent, courteous, friendliest Customer Service experience EVER.

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